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Dr. Shaunette Parker – Empowering Education: Unlocking Potential through ESAs in South Carolina

Dr. Oran P. Smith

Dr. Oran P. Smith

Oran P. Smith has developed a reputation as a trusted adviser and public policy advocate during his many years of service in the Palmetto State.

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Welcome to the Beyond Policy Podcast with Dr. Oran P. Smith! In this week’s episode, we have a captivating conversation with a special guest, Dr. Shaunette Parker, from the National School Choice Awareness Foundation, Inc. Dr. Parker is a remarkable advocate for the newly passed Education Savings Account (ESA) bill in South Carolina. Her unwavering dedication and influential voice played a pivotal role in the bill’s successful passage.

Join us as we delve into the fascinating world of ESA’s and explore the concept of school choice in today’s educational landscape. Dr. Parker shares her invaluable insights on the benefits and potential impact of ESAs, shedding light on how they empower parents and students to make informed decisions about their education. We discuss the broader implications of school choice, examining how it can foster innovation, improve academic outcomes, and enhance overall educational equity.

Dr. Oran P. Smith, renowned policy expert and host of the Beyond Policy Podcast, skillfully guides the conversation, allowing Dr. Parker to share her expertise and experiences. Together, they explore the challenges and opportunities surrounding the implementation of ESAs and highlight the potential effects on the educational system as a whole.

Whether you’re an education enthusiast, a policy wonk, or simply curious about the evolving landscape of education, this episode is a must-listen. Gain a deeper understanding of the ESA bill’s significance, hear inspiring stories of positive change, and gain insights into how school choice can transform the educational experiences of students and families.

Tune in to the Beyond Policy Podcast with Dr. Oran P. Smith and special guest Dr. Shaunette Parker of the National School Choice Awareness Foundation, Inc. This enlightening conversation will leave you inspired and informed about the power of ESAs, school choice, and more. Don’t miss it!