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C. Bradley Thompson – Embracing Capitalism

Dr. Oran P. Smith

Dr. Oran P. Smith

Oran P. Smith has developed a reputation as a trusted adviser and public policy advocate during his many years of service in the Palmetto State.

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This week, we are excited to have C. Bradley Thompson, the Executive Director of the Clemson Institute for the Study of Capitalism and Professor in the Department of Political Science, as our guest.

In this episode, we discuss the Lyceum program at Clemson University and how it’s helping students become more informed citizens. We also explore the effects of socialism and communism, and how capitalism played a crucial role in the American Revolution.

Additionally, we will discuss C. Bradley Thompson’s book, “America’s Revolutionary Mind: A Moral History of the American Revolution and the Declaration That Defined It”. Thompson breaks down the principles and values that drove the American Revolution and Declaration of Independence, and how these ideas shaped the course of history.

Join us for a fascinating conversation that explores the roots of American values, the importance of understanding the past, and how we can use this knowledge to build a better future.