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Wendy Damron – Transformational Wins (Part I)

Dr. Oran P. Smith

Dr. Oran P. Smith

Oran P. Smith has developed a reputation as a trusted adviser and public policy advocate during his many years of service in the Palmetto State.

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Join us for an enlightening episode of Beyond Policy as we welcome Wendy Damron, the trailblazing President and CEO of Palmetto Promise Institute, a non-profit organization devoted to crafting policies that foster freedom, opportunity, and prosperity for real people in the Palmetto State.

In this compelling conversation, Damron and our host, Dr. Oran Smith, delve into two transformational wins for Palmetto Promise Institute: Education Savings Accounts (ESA) and Certificates of Need (CON). They explore the years-long journey of these efforts, from inception to implementation, in a collaborative effort between Palmetto Promise Institute and allied groups from all over South Carolina.

Damron provides insightful commentary on the transformative potential of ESAs, a policy designed to give families more control over their children’s education. She also discusses the coming phasehout of the CON program, and the exciting prospects for the health sector and the people of South Carolina without it.

This episode celebrates policy success, demonstrating the positive impact of carefully crafted, people-focused policies on a community. Get ready for an inspiring look at policy-making in action, its triumphs, challenges, and its profound effect on the lives of individuals and families in South Carolina.

Take this engaging episode of Beyond Policy, where policy is not just about rules but about people. Please tune in to Episode 8, and join us as we go beyond the policy to understand its real-world implications and the joy that comes with success.